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Update on FAST data: revised FAST data will be uploaded the week of March 25, 2019; please review and contact us if you notice any anomalies.

The DOE Sustainability Dashboard is open for FY 2019 reporting. Thank you for your FY 2018 sustainability data and plan submissions and continued dedication to Departmental sustainability.  

SPO continues to monitor progress on the implementing guide for the new Executive Order (E.O.) 13834, Efficient Federal Operations. For more information on E.O. 13834, please visit the Dashboard's Resources module. As more information and resources become available, they will be shared with the community. Once the implementing guide has been finalized and DOE has established its goals and targets for future years, the Dashboard reports will be updated. 

The development of the Dashboard is an on-going process. We continue to make improvements based on your feedback to enhance user experience. Please contact the Dashboard Team using the email link below with any feedback, questions, or reporting needs.

SPO is now accepting nominations for the 2019 Sustainability Awards! The nomination period closes Friday, June 14th, 2019. For more information or to fill submit a nomination, click here.

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Last updated: March 19, 2019

Important Dates

  • 03/04/2019: Dashboard opens for data entry
  • 03/22/2019: EISA S432 Covered Facility status confirmation are due
  • 06/14/2019: 2019 DOE Sustainability Awards Nominations Due
  • 06/21/2019: EISA S432 Evaluation, Projects, and Measurement & Verification are due
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