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Announcements and Reminders  
- EISA S432 data is due in the Dashboard by February 24th.

 - SPD is currently revamping the Dashboard metering page. SPD expects the page to be completed by the beginning of February (ETA February 8). The page will be pre-populated using site metering data from last year’s metering template. Once the page build out is compete, sites can go in and make changes to the data until February 24th. This data will be used to inform a DOE -wide metering plan.

Open Help Calls to assist with Dashboard EISA S432 and ECM modules and reporting and the new Dashboard metering page will occur on February 9, 16, and 23 from 3-4 PM EST. Click here to join the meeting. Note, there have been other SPD Open Help Calls with other invite links. These links are no longer valid. If you downloaded the invite from the Dashboard, it will still show on your calendar. We apologize for the confusion.

 The Headquarters Fleet Team is working with sites to review FAST data. Once the data is finalized it will uploaded it to the Dashboard, no later than the end of February.

-SPD added a Sustainability Requirements Matrix to the Supporting Resources section of the Dashboard. This matrix includes both statutory and E.O. mandates.

- Site Water Balance Plans are due by September 30th, 2023. These plans will inform a DOE-wide water assessment.  Sample resources can be found on the Supporting Resources section of the Dashboard.

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 For more information on sustainability at DOE, visit the Sustainability Performance Division’s website.

**The Dashboard is being updated to be fully accessible. If you believe the information and communications technology used by the Department of Energy does not comply with the Section 508 law, you may file a complaint.  Please start by sending your complaint to the DOE Sustainability Performance Division, If your complaint is not resolved at this level, please contact the DOE Section 508 Coordinator, DOESection508Coordinator@Hq.Doe.Gov. If your complaint is not resolved at this level you may file a complaint by downloading and filing out the DOE EEO Intake Form 2019.**

 Last updated: February 2, 2023